Gallery of Guinea Fowl pictures:

Guineas snapped going about their business.

Bad hair day.

bad hair day

Got the wind up her skirt.

the wind up her skirt

A Guinea Family

a guinea family

Is this my good side?

guinea about us image

Being noisy as usual!

being noisy as usual

A large Guinea family.

a large guinea family

A white Guinea Fowl keet.

white guinea fowl keet

Stunning blue Guinea

stunning ice blue guinea fowl

Two Guinea hens sharing a brood.

communal brooding and raising

Lavender Guinea fowl.

guineas can seem a little daft

Splash or pied keet

splash or pied keet

Guinea fowl eggs.

guinea fowl eggs

Keets in the incubator.

keets in incubator

A communal nest of Guinea hens.

guineas sharing a communal nest

Growing Keets

well grown keets

Close up of a Guinea Fowl.

close up of a guinea fowl

My Guinea Fowl roosting with my hens.

guineas sharing the roost with chickens

My Guineas sharing the Light Sussex run.

Guineas are demanding