Feeding keets and growers

What is the best diet for and keets and growers?

Feeding Guinea fowl keets can be a bit daunting for the first timer as you can not buy a bag of Guinea fowl feed or keet feed like you can for other poultry.

What you are looking for and may need to ask for is turkey Starter or Game Bird Starter. Keets can survive on chick starter with added grated boiled egg but turkey starter is much better for them due to the higher protein content.

This is the pre-made starter feed I use for my keets.  I use medicated turkey starter because it has an added coccidiostat to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis. The feed can't be used as a treatment only a preventative and keets raised on unmedicated feed might get this infectious, often fatal disease.

If your feed mill does not carry this feed, ask them what they recommend, and ask what is available to you. Some feed mills carry only unmedicated turkey starter.

Feeding growers:

Beginning at 6  to 8 weeks of age, wean keets off this starter feed onto a regular turkey grower by gradually mixing increasing amounts of grower feed into the starter until the bag is empty around 8 weeks of age.

The 18% protein supplied in this nutritionally complete mix is fine for adult guinea fowl. They get extra protein from bugs and insects when they are on range daily during laying season.

Below: Well grown keets, you can just see the crumb in the corner.
well grown keets
They should have plain grit with no added calcium available to them at all times. I feed mine sprouted grains from day 3. Soaka little millet in water and leave it to sprout by whatever method you use and feed a teaspoon or so per keet per day.

They love greens like dandelion leaves and fresh green shoots.